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Key Features


Listen to podcasts and music albums to learn the nuances of listening to your selected language. Read any material in your selected language while being quizzed every so often to reinforce your knowledge. Watch a variety of videos, spanning from YouTube videos to movies.

Key Features


Test your knowledge with fill in the blank and matching quizzes using the video’s content. Practice your pronunciation skills with reading the material out loud and getting feedback right away.

Why you should choose Natural

Immersion within content

This app provides a platform for those who can’t afford an actual immersive environment to learn a new language. Language Immersion has been studied to be the best option to learn a new language, therefore this app provides the best immersion experience within the language’s content.

Content-based learning

This immersive environment includes content such as music, videos, article excerpts. Having different kinds of content will help the user also get exposed to learning the variety of accents within a language and make it easier to learn tonal differences. This type of learning would stimulate real-life scenarios to encourage users to apply their knowledge of languages to communicate with people. The knowledge will help make the problem with learning a new language less intimidating.

Engaging multi-media

Have the ability to practice speech or sayings used in the content with voice activation/recognition. This app will help improve speaking and listening skills that are required with real-life application of language learning.

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